Our most important asset is our customers, so we ensure your satisfaction and confidence in our services.

If you allow yourself to think about it, there are many situations in life that require scrutiny to guarantee your security and sense of well-being. These concerns may include credit, financial, real estate, domestic issues, relationships, general or extensive employee background checks and much more. No matter who you are or what your unique situation is, you could gain an advantage by using our services.

When you hear the words “private investigation,” you may immediately conjure images of men in trench coats and long criminal stakeouts. You may remember things you’ve seen on television or in the movies, shadowy images lurking around corners accomplishing unrealistic conclusions. But we do much more than that!

Our specialty is retrieving useful information, often vital to helping you cope with your unique situation. And while classic investigation techniques are still a major part of our business, we offer many different information services and techniques that can benefit your company, your legal requirements, and most importantly, the quality of your life.

Quality service!

  • Your money is invested in first-class, dependable service
  • Work on an expedited basis to accommodate customer needs
  • Prompt and thorough reporting
  • Personal attention—each situation is special

Ten-28 Investigations is proud to be a Native American, Minority-Owned Business providing equal opportunity services to all.